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Reg # P43857527 • View Pedigree and EPDs

Comstock, is the definition of a true breeding bull. Athletic, powerful body shape, low-input build, cattlemen minded visual qualtiy and most importantly backed by highly proven, sought after cow families. Boosted an unrivaled combination of phenotype and genetic predictions, Comstock, ranks in the top 20% or better for 15 measureable traits. He will see heavy use in not only progressive Hereford operations, but the most astute commercial programs. Semen available, contact us or ABS Global at 1-800-ABS-STUD.

GENOA YORK Y02 17013

Reg # 43781453 • View Pedigree and EPDs

This York son has true herd bull potential. Moderate, free moving, big scrotal (40), huge hind quarter, long-spined, massive rib cage and a clean tight sheath . He is dark red to the ground and has good pigment. He is out of a 10Y first calf heifer who has great milk flow and has proven she has a very bright future here at the ranch. Co-owned with Hoffman Herefords and Machado Livestock. Semen packages available please contact Jason Hoffman.


Reg # 43724674 • View Pedigree and EPDs

Supreme Champion Hereford Bull 2017 NWSS, as a calf. Belle Air is one of the most exciting young sires to hit the Hereford breed. He's full pigmented, red to the ground, outstanding quality and power - all complimented by a superb EPD profile. Multiply-owned and used heavily in our ET program.


Reg # P43585214 • View Pedigree and EPDs

A 10Y x 8003 son, outstanding quality and eye appeal in a very muscular, athletic build. First set of calves are alongside our 2-year olds - they look really good. "5050" certainly breeds true with 100% pigmentation, a bigtime style/look and a great muscle pattern for being a calving ease/low birth option.


Reg # 43526111 • View Pedigree and EPDs

A Harland x 3027 son, he's big chested, massive in his rib cage, ultra soggy and square. "4153" is certainly capable of producing those ideal range bulls that are chuck full of meat and muscle.


Reg # P43174342 • View Pedigree and EPDs

Co-owned with ABS Global & Rausch Herefords, he's our go-to heifer bull. Bonanza brings forth cattle that read with moderation of size, a low-maintenance build and extreme marbling capabilities. He was utilized both in the Olsen and Simplot sire testing programs. We have 20 Bonanza daughters in production.


Reg # P43349446 • View Pedigree and EPDs

Co-owned with Rausch Herefords, he is the #1 Marbling Hereford Bull in the breed. He's a true spread bull, siring cattle that come light and grow fast. 12180 was tested through the Olsen Young Sire Program which proved his superior carcass strength.

AI Sires

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NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET

Reg #: P43214853 • View Pedigree & EPDs

We have been extremely pleased with our 10Y bred cattle. These cattle are huge-ribbed, massive in their muscle pattern, free moving, great numbered; the kind and build for generational success.

NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 27A

Reg #: P43385145 • View Pedigree & EPDs

27A is a 10Y son we like extremely well and believe will follow in suit with his sire. The calves we have seen have a great look, big body shape with added muscle and lots of pigment. Used hard in our AI and ET programs. First calves come Spring 2018.

Hyalite On Target 936

Reg #: P42986803 • View Pedigree & EPDs

A proven performance sire. Our 936 bred calves are functional, fault free, growthy with lots of performance and a good muscle pattern.

R Leader 6964

Reg #: P43500058 • View Pedigree & EPDs

Certainly a multi-trait leader, calving ease prospect bull with lots of hype. Used mainly in our heifer program on our Hometown 10Y daughters. Leader sires true with pattern, pigmentation and body type.


NJW 73S 980 Hutton 109Z ET

Reg #: 43311893 • View Pedigree & EPDs

When we were in search of a horned bull with an outcross pedigree that sired big-bodied, athletic, massively shaped cattle with a great look and highly maternal – it was easy to choose Hutton.

GKB 88X Laramie B293

Reg #: 43370224 • View Pedigree & EPDs

From the cattle we have seen sired by Laramie, we are excited to get our first calves on the ground, Spring 2018. These cattle are the cowman’s kind: moderate, soggy, big-muscled, free-moving and short marked.

Churchill Sensation 028X

Reg #: 43092364 • View Pedigree & EPDs

We have continued to use this proven calving ease bull in our AI program for the past several years and have had tremendous success. Moderate, functional, lots of muscle, carcass and udder quality. Range bulls have been very sought after.

HH Advance 1013Y ET

Reg #: 43173054 • View Pedigree & EPDs

A Line-One Bred Bull from the heart of the Holden program in Montana. If you know anything about Hereford cows, he has some of the best cow families in his pedigree. He’s the sire of the $240,000 bull, 4075B, owned by Hoffman Herefords. We believe 1013Y will sire true with progeny that have look/style, big rib cage and balanced data.

Reference Sires

MSU TCF Revolution 4R

Reg #: P42593689 • View Pedigree & EPDs

UPS Domino 3027

Reg #: 42426386 • View Pedigree & EPDs

CJH Harland 408

Reg #: 42536808 • View Pedigree & EPDs

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