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Genoa Ms Harland 408 11212 ET

Reg #: 43211199 • View Pedigree & EPDs

Harland 408 daughters have been and will be a main cornerstone of the horned foundation cow herd here at Genoa Livestock. 11212 has the extra muscle shape, length of body, and overall capacity to produce top notch bulls, and she possesses the feminine look, excellent udder and teat quality to produce top end females.

Genoa Ms 4200 Visionary 14058

Reg #: 43478726 • View Pedigree & EPDs


Reg #: 43576129 • View Pedigree & EPDs

Lead off Cow in Shaw's 2017 Female Sale, 4514 combines flawless phenotype, added dimension, tremendous volume and broodiness, with full pigmentation and great udder quality. We feel this female can seriously hit consistently with producing those top end range bulls and replacements.

R&R 6378 LEANNE 6003 8003

Reg #: P42928365 • View Pedigree & EPDs

Acquired from Bob Ross, CA. R&R 8003 traces back to the reputable and famed Leanne cow family. This female has certainly earned her spot at the top in our donor pen. She possesses an immense amount of quality, eye appeal, predictability and consistency. This Dam of Distinction, DOD, production data reads as: 9 BW @ 91, 7 WW @ 105, 7 YW @ 104, 6 REA @101. Pictured at 9 years of age.


Reg #: P42816701 • View Pedigree & EPDs

A top-end Revolution 4R daughter from the heart of the Rausch program. Finding a female that can accommodate each segment of the cattle industry with value-added genetics - it's a no-brainer that this individual can do it. Feet and leg structure, body type and kind, udder quality, performance and carcass strengths. Her phenotype, combined with production data and balanced EPDs equals an unlimited amount of cow value. She is a Dam of Distinction: 9 BW @ 98, 7 WW @ 104, 7 YW @ 101, 7 REA @ 104, 7 IMF @ 102. Pictured at 10 years of age.


Reg #: 42832125 • View Pedigree & EPDs

Extremely fault free Harland 408 daughter from Stubers in North Dakota. We feel this unique horned cow's production is right for the times. Currently nursing her 9th A.I. calf, all within an annual 365 day calving window, complemented by 8 nursing ratios @ 101. It's not rocket science to add a DOD female with this kind of track record in fertility, udder quality, feet structure and consistency to our donor battery. Pictured at 10 years of age.

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