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Welcome to Genoa Livestock, home of both horned and polled Hereford genetics. Owned by Robert and Carol Coker, the ranch is located in Carson Valley, Nevada, where we develop performance Hereford genetics to meet the needs of today’s commercial and seedstock producers – cattle that produce efficiently and consistently in a variety of conditions from range to pasture and in temperatures from below zero to over 100 degrees.

The Genoa Livestock breeding program is built on the Hereford breed’s reliable traits – exceptional mothering ability and fertility, combined with docile temperament and durability. With these traits as our foundation, our annual breeding decisions are highly focused on selecting for performance genetics:

Calving Ease – Low to moderate birth weights
Moderate to high weaning and yearling growth
Top 20% of the breed for carcass merit and profit indexes

Currently the Genoa herd includes 215 registered Herefords comprised of horned and polled genetics from 12 of the top herds in the Midwest and West. We attain our breeding goals by using the breed’s top-performing Sires and our proven Donor Cows in a focused embryo transfer and artificial insemination program. Toward this end, a new 20 acre headquarters was added to the ranch, including an AI lab and calving facility.

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about our program. On the Sires page you’ll find a listing of our Herd and AI Sires with links to their updated EPD and performance information. To learn more about the foundation of our breeding program, visit our Donors page.

If you are looking for your next herd sire or females to build your herd, visit our For Sale page and see our current offering.

Visitors are always welcome at Genoa Livestock. You can find directions on our Contact Us page – or just give us a call.

At Genoa Livestock we are focused squarely on providing top-of-the-breed Hereford genetics that produce results for our customers – and service that keeps them coming back.

Genoa News

9th Annual Bull Sale

Please join us!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
At the Ranch, Minden, NV
Selling 62 Genoa Livestock Bulls
Introducing 6 new Sire Groups

View Sale Catalog and Videos

Lot 15 – GENOA 27A HOMETOWN 18047 • Reg # P43884339

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